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Throughout my career, I've owned and managed small businesses. In a small business everyone must wear many hats, and I generally wore dozens.

Because I always wanted my companies to have the latest technical edge, one of the hats I often wore was the 'tech guy'. Over the years I have written programs, developed applications, installed networks, recovered data, replaced hardware, put out RFP's for infrastructure software, and even written a letter or two in WordPerfect on a mono-chrome monitor (I resisted Word for years).   As the owner/operator of companies that generated as much as $14,000,000 in annual revenues, I'm well versed in detailed business analyses and reporting.

Today, I am a Small Business consultant providing technology based solutions centered on Microsoft's Small Business model (Server 2012 Essentials, Office 365).  

In Southern Arizona I provide full network deployment and managed services for businesses with up to 75 employees as well as supporting the IT Staff in larger organizations. Outside Southern Arizona I am a consultant to consultants -- helping them to deliver value to their clients, and business owners who decided to deploy things themselves only to find out that its not quite as easy as they first thought.  If you need help with deployment, or if you've already got something in place that needs a good "tune-up", please contact me.

I firmly believe that the technology available today is both usable and affordable for any size business... I especially enjoy showing small business owners how much power they already have in their hands!  It's much more exciting than troubleshooting and certainly more beneficial for everyone involved.